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The Special Forces Association is a veterans' non-profit fraternal organization that was formed in 1964, at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

On April 12, 1980, Chapter XXVII was established in St. Louis Missouri and was named the Martha Raye Chapter, in honor of Martha Raye for her long time Dedication and Service to the Military and the Special Forces Community. 

Chapter XXVII holds its monthly meetings on the third Friday of the month, 1900 hours at the Elks Lodge located at  19 W 1st St, Eureka, MO 63025
Chapter XVII Officers

 Casey Grau
Vice President
Troy Coleson         
The Green Beret
The beret has long been a symbol 
for elite military forces.  Worn by 
partisans during WW II, it has
also come to represent those who 
fight  oppression.  The Green Beret 
was the unofficial headgear of the
Special Forces until seen by president
Kennedy on a trip to Fort Bragg, NC.
He called the Green Beret “A mark of 
distinction…a badge of courage”.  It 
has been proudly worn under his 
executive order by the Special Forces 
ever since.
Martha Raye 
Mike Stocker
Warren Martin
April 1980 Martha Raye guest of honor at Chapter XXVII in St. Louis
"Colonel Maggie" 
Special Forces Association,  Martha Raye Chapter XXVII,  3553 Hawthorne Ridge Dr. , Eureka, MO 63025-3184
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Applicants for membership in the Special Forces Association must provide supporting documentation to prove eligibility. The documentation provided should leave no doubt as to the applicant’s eligibility to avoid delays in processing. Applications received without documentation will be returned as incomplete.

For Decade and General Members: Supporting documents must accompany all applications submitted which provide undeniable proof of Special Forces qualification. Examples of documents include the DD-214, Graduation Certificate from SFQC/SFOC, orders assigning a SF MOS, and SF Tab orders. Form 20, ERB, or ORB demonstrating assignment history is recommended for Decade member applicants. More than one document substantiating qualification is recommended. Simply being assigned to a Special Forces coded position does not denote SF qualification. In some rare instances from the Vietnam era, proof of qualification may be difficult to obtain. The SFA can assist potential applicants in submitting for the awarding of a Special Forces Tab which will prove eligibility. The Special Forces Proponency office at Ft. Bragg reviews historical documents and documents provided by applicants to determines if personnel are eligible for awarding of the SF Tab based on AR 600-8-22 which states:
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SGT of Arms
Jefferson Davis